• The story behind the creation of Turning Point
Kristen Woolley felt like she couldn’t tell her family or friends. Knowing that a family friend was sexually assaulting her from age 10 to 12 might break her already-stressed mother. And what would she do if … Continue Reading

• Child sex abuse survivor exemplifies need for change
Kristen Pfautz Woolley of York is a textbook example of lots of things, most of them inspiring. Of using traumatic events to build something very positive, for one. Of emerging from childhood sexual abuse not as a victim, but as a strong survivor who … Continue Reading

• An education article by our founder

In the Truth Itself, There Is Healing ~Ellen Bass — If you endured sexual abuse as a child it may be difficult to believe Bass’ quote. As a child, to speak the truth of your abuse you may have felt it equaled fear, guilt, shame, embarrassment, and humiliation. You may have … Continue Reading

• The Reality of Child Sexual Abuse

I am puzzled by the range of responses to the firing of Joe Paterno. I am alarmed that the POINT of the tragedy is being masked by the game of football. The topic is child sexual abuse NOT football. … Continue Reading