Fall 2023 Newsletter

“Last year Turning Point was contacted by Girl Scout Troop 20482 to collaborate on a project that would help survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Working with them over the last year has been such a joy! The troop designed several prototypes of a walking labyrinth and then our clients voted for their favorite. Next, the troop raised money to complete the project and met with our local Sherman Williams to learn the best techniques to complete an outdoor painting project! …”

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Summer 2023 Newsletter

“First Capital Federal Credit Union raised money all 2nd quarter to support Turning Point through their First Cap Gives Back program. They raised an amazing $550.00 from pretzel sales and dress down days at their various branch locations. In addition, they committed $1000.00 to be a Silver Sponsor of our annual Night on the Terrace Event! Thank you, First Capital, it is because of businesses like you, that we can continue to provide our clients with the best care and without the worry of financial hardship! …”

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Spring 2023 Newsletter

“Dr Thomas chose Turning Point Counseling and Advocacy Center as the non-profit to receive donations. He says he and Anne were touched after hearing success stories from Turning Point clients, and wanted to support this non-profit that helps survivors heal from childhood sexual abuse. The event ran from April 17th – April 20th and raised $2,180 to support all survivors! We at Turning Point couldn’t be more thankful for this extremely generous donation! …”

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